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We all know we will face it eventually... The inevitable loss of a parent, but I don't know if it's something you can ever prepare for really... I lost my dad a month ago pretty unexpectedly. He never smoked and had gone to the doctors a few times over the last few months feeling winded before they diagnosed him with non smoker's lung cancer.

they told him it was treatable but truth is lung cancer or anything serious related to the lungs is just really, really bad and because of the stigma with smoking I don't think our health system has explored getting treatments for lung ailments the way they do for prostate or breasts...

Anyhow, they started him on chemo but then did a rewind in the diagnosis and said it wasn't lung cancer, it was something else. 

While the doctors scratched their heads he got sick in a matter of days, ultimately they intubated him and a couple days later we took him off life support as per his wishes..

it was fast and sudden in that I had to say my goodbyes while he was under sedation because we were told we would have years and got a week so I didn't think to do it when I left the hospital that day when they were getting it under control but in the end a machine was breathing for him and I just have to trust he heard everything I had to say while under sedation as the pulmonary fibrosis was so severe there was no coming back.

he didn't go in pain and that's the only comfort we're granted.

Those are the gory bits, at least as much as I care to share.

I do feel the health system let him down severely and I've anger at them for that, but as my friend told me if you ask yourself what would have been enough time... Another day? A week? A year? And the answer is always no; there's just never enough time so be grateful for the time you did get. I'm trying really hard.

I miss is him... so much. some days are this empty sensation coupled with a deep anguish in my heart that no words can mend and I know it's fresh and I know the memories will be cumulative but I'm having trouble shaking those last few days because they packed a powerful kick & I'm terrified of forgetting why I admired him so much and spent my life trying to emulate him as best as I was capable. The good and the bad I'm afraid will be overshadowed by this final image... I really hope not.

He lived a full, rich life which was so evident when we tried to list all do his accomplishments... I would have liked more time as would everyone who knew him but life is brief and it's important we actually try to forget how brief so we can live it fiercely & with vigor and drive and milk every god damn second we can without fear of the end because those moments, they're all fleeting and precious and we're all deserving of as many as we can muster.
I always love New Years!

They're a great excuse to do new things, reconnect with old people, change ourselves... Something we're always able to do but for the new year we've been socially conditioned to do it since we were young so just comes more naturally.

For me this has meant beefing up my volunteer time (planting trees & building homes more often) and starting a ceramics class; something I've literally been meaning to do for years but keep on finding excuses related to being busy.

I've paid $$ for it now no more procrastinating as I only ever like to part with cash when I'm getting something in return. I fancy myself a master procrastinator, but really what that means is I'm fantastic at breaking my word with myself... So I lie to me unintentionally all of the time.

Anyhow here's to happy new beginnings and finding freshness in our lives whenever they turn stagnant which can be all too often if we're not careful!

What I've been up to!

have been training for my first tri with awesome athlete-friend. Cannot wait to complete my training as I was supposed to be ready a while ago and I just never was an endurance athlete in my life so has taken longer than i wanted but you would be surprised what the human body is capable of if you don't set limits on yourself. We've an amazing machine, really.

have swirled in and out of the dating scene like a revolving yo-yo. It's possible earth didn't create a man who's a suitable fit and I can only say this because I've definitely given it the ol' college try.

I will very soon be posting two original traditional pieces I'm excited about ultimately selling so watch as I make my debut there and PLEASE give me constructive crits because if I'm ever going to really hit the gallery circuit like I intend to I'll need all the honest help I can get without you know shattering my fragile ego... and if not for that what are we even doing here?

I am attempting to be more social but honestly I was born shy (not to be confused with stuck up though it often is) - I'm a self-proclaimed s.a.p & as hard as I try I seem to be ever-shrouded in social anxiety. If you're not afflicted with this do I ever envy you but it's a huge hindrance with my professional career because there's nothing like developing a strong fear of success stemming from the idea that if you do become successful you'll actually have to put yourself out there and the idea of ever doing that terrifies the shite out of me. Short of consumption of copious amounts of alcohol during social gatherings I've never figured out a way to get past that.

buying my first home & holy shite the whole system is just fucked. No part of me want to do a 30 year loan where you're paying 1.5 times the cost of the hut but I want a yard so I can do the gardening thing so either I need to become independently wealthy or I need to suck it up and just tell myself it's what everyone has to do so stop whining.

that's about it from this chicken little... same time same place next year?!
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There and back again - an artist's tale

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 28, 2012, 12:13 PM
Long ago a traveler came to an aperture in her reality which would forever shift her in ways not imagined. Through it she climbed; beginning her long, slow ascent along the windy road into the world of art & illustration.

Many a companion from many an origin she met along the way.

Sitting around the DA campfires, surrounded by gnats & mosquitoes they told her tales of their own travels, their perspectives, sharing with her their critiques, expertise, sometimes their bitterness from artistic-forebode & more rarely yet, an intimate real moment was exchanged.

The well-travelled warned her of thieves in the forests and of watermark-protections that would ward them off when encountered. Some warned of paths that should never be taken while the brave told her not to heed the warnings of cowards. Several dear companions tore gloriously ahead with heroic resolve and admirable éclat.

She muddled onward her own foppish way.

Few reach the mountain's peak. Even fewer will learn to fly once there. Paths open when their time has come, but let's face it in a world with no solid boundaries or set rules does one ever really know when they've made it to the mountain top?

A paycheck to allow for lovely lodging along the way is always a good indicator.

She still sleeps in a tent for now, but from time to time an old friend stumbles upon her and shares their most recent adventures.

Thank you for the support with Mady!

I'm happy to say she's doing a lot better as she's begun walking with a walker and even got to go home for a few hours. The steroids have caused her to gain about 15lbs (mostly in the cheeks & with her moon-face she looks like an adorable little chipmunk).

I realize sometimes people don't like reading about things of this nature, many people on deviant art are young/artists who hardly are able to buy a burger let alone help someone else out, so it's great to know that despite that, some people opened their change purses & wallets and gave what they could. ♥

I've made it a point to push money into the art community whenever possible, be it from having contests that I fund myself or buying handmade items from artists on a very regular basis... it's nice to know that sometimes that same community can give back.

I'm working on some commission works over the next couple of weeks (including one non-commission piece where the person donated to Mady & expected nothing in return) - I'll post a couple of them (dependent on whether they wanted them posted & end-quality) as I finish.

I'll be going back to my regularly scheduled infrequent & more costly commission works once I've finished all of these around mid-january.

other news... uh... my Christmas rocked - hope yours did as well. My family did a Greek-god themed Christmas dinner party (I was Hecate), ate foods fit for gods, played reindeer games & overall made quite merry & I hope the rest of you (whether you celebrate or not) rocked it out yesterday
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Little Mady

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 15, 2011, 8:36 AM
I could tell you the story of my cousin Jessica (a few days my senior) and all she's endured over the last few months (let alone years as her father died & our grandma who is the matriarch of the family has been death-brink ill with cancer).

I could tell of how she always wanted a large family and I thought her crazy but she had 4 kids anyhow! How last month her son (one of the identical twin boys) had to have a hole in his heart repaired as it was growing & how much strength my cousin had even with the prospect of open heart surgery on one so young.

But I think I want to get to the guts of the tale in its present… to her 5 year old Madelyn (Mady as we know her) who with no notice began experiencing extreme fatigue & after running into a boy at school and giving herself a black eye was given an MRI just to be safe… the very next morning she was having a major brain surgery on the very large tumour that was causing severe pressure in her head and was running along her brain stem.

The surgery was long and arduous and the surgeon was cautiously optimistic that he got all of the cells (they're still checking to see which cancer stage they're in before determining whether or not she'll have to undergo chemotherapy).

Brain surgery is exhausting as you might guess; taxing on the family mentally & financially but physically exhausting for the one who's undergone the surgery.
Keeping that in mind here's one of the first updates we got post-op (the first one being that she did down some ice cream the next day when she was awake):

Update on Madelyn: Today has been a trying day. Mady has not been awake much. She is having left side facial mouth and eye drooping. She had an MRI this morning and found some blood on her brain that has not absorbed yet. They think this blood is from the surgery and not that she has an active bleed. They believe the pressure of this blood could be causing the facial drooping, but they cannot be certain this isn't from the surgery manipulating her brain. Time will tell. She has been extremely lethargic today. She received a bath and finally got to wash her hair which I KNOW made her feel better. They have had her on a large amount of steroids to help with swelling of the brain, but had began to taper them off some. With the lethargy the way it was today they've had to increase her steroids back up to the initial dose. Her sodium level has been low, which is not uncommon after brain surgery, but it requires her getting blood work done which does not make her happy! With these minor setbacks she is back on the heart monitors. Physical therapy was in today as well, and said she is definitely going to have inpatient physical therapy possibly for a while because she is VERY unsteady. So unsteady we can't even get her out of bed yet, we can only sit her on the side, and she wobbles the whole time. 2 steps forward, 1 step back. We will make it through! Blessed to be where we are

So with all of that & my being out of state, I want to help in the only way I really know how; thru art. I'm doing fundraising thru my work, offering charcoal or graphite custom-portraits/digital custom work/personal pencil sketches/& baked goods even (the baked goods being the only thing I won't offer thru here but I do have some talent in that area as well!) up for sale with everything outside of materials going to my cousin (as a surprise because when I broached the subject I think her pride prevented her from saying "hellz yes, please!").

I'm keeping everything as reasonable as I can as I want to be able to really help her & over-charging is just going to scare off that prospect. If you've interest & have an amount in mind that works for you, you can either note me privately or post it here & we'll work something out. All of the payments are going to my paypal account ( as I don't take major credit cards/cash/etc. and this allows me to track what's been given & post updates here.

If you're not interested in my art but want to help out and have a few dollars to give you can feel free to send a dollar or few and leave a note/well wish that'll be compiled into one master well-wish list & sent to Mady & her mum along with the money raised.
I know times are tough for everyone so well wishes are appreciated.

Also - mad-thanks for all the birthday wishes... 'twas a good one

Keepin it real,

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Art theft & Whatnot

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 24, 2011, 3:32 AM
I'm writing this on my phone - so apologies for any spelling oddities as it seems to have a mind of it's own.

I've received many notes over the art4love thefts & they're appreciated.

It's fantastic that as a community so many banded together.

On a personal level; the pieces that were posted of mine (that I saw) had very little value & I couldn't imagine someone forking out $300+ to have those particular things on their walls. Doesn't change the intent factor but I'm not too worried. Pretty much everything that has value to me has been watermarked in one way or another or I've not posted online and unfortunately I feel that's the way it has to be considering the relative ease of stealing work and the corresponding difficulty to recover losses as it stands today.

About a month ago I was directed to this lovely field of flowers where they had a stand for you to buy the freshly cut beauties. I get to it and I'm so impressed by the cuts but I'm looking around and see no one about who's selling the bad boys. Off in the distance I see a man tending his vegetable garden so I walk over to him to inquire on whether he knows whose stand it is or how I might buy the flowers.

He tells me it's his and if I look there's a tin box I can put my money into and take change if needed. I was a bit astonished but I walk back over to pick out my flowers and self pay and I open the box and it's chop full of cash. There had to be a couple hudred dollars in it, no lie. He's not even in eyesight of the box nor close enough to do anything even if he could see and just trusts people to pay and leave the cash alone.

I of course love the sentiment. I think the idea that everyone in the world is like me and will pay as they should and be on their way is beautiful. The sad reality is that the wrong person just hasn't come along yet and happened uponed that nice box of cash. When they do the chances of the guy ever recovering his losses are likely narrow.

So while he shouldn't have to guard his cash and artists shouldn't have to watermark pieces they feel might hold monetary value... The reality is we live in an imperfect world surrounded by people who are trying to make a quick buck. What's more... I would be very cautious about giving anyone on this site cash to help them cover court costs/lawyer fees etc. as you really have no way of knowing whether or not they're just pocketing it or wiping their own asses with it. Some people will use any opportunity to take advantage.

Thanks again for the notes. I'm always a bit out of touch with these things and it's good to be in the know.

make no mistake the guy who cashed in on artists in this way is an utter douchebag and he and any artist who finds an angle by which to cash in on this by taking advantage of well-meaning artists should have their entrails ripped from them by a harpy and be left to rot.

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Content Critiquing... and... japan

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 17, 2011, 2:36 AM
Recently one of my friend's friends set up a "gallery" [in my friend's house] and asked me to come critique the works.

He, like me, is an autodidact and had trouble getting valuable feedback from other artists aside from "nice painting" (which of course we all need those too, right).

So I went and viewed the 20 or so paintings he had done in oils for the last few years and you could visually see the kind of progress he made, just like any of us do... from flatter works to more dynamic works to taking a stride back to moving forward. Now [for me] the subject matter was bland... not really things I would have had an interest in painting at present... but the guy took the effort to set this up for me, valued my opinion [for whatever reason] so I took a completely objective look at each piece, starting with the ones that caught my eye the most.

I talked composition, colour theory and focal points with him... really just focusing on what I felt about each piece from a technical standpoint, and what he could do to make certain things pop, or improve the overall look/impact never once saying "well you painted this subject, I would have painted this and this instead".

In the end he expressed genuine gratitude (technically he did all along the way). Now I didn't sugar coat the technical help, I just left out the sliver of info stating that his work overall didn't have appeal for me. It wasn't necessary for the conversation, I was there in the moment, he was receptive and eager to learn - no reason really to knock him down in that way.

... and really after all of these years I realize that that's what each of us should be giving to one another when it comes to critique. I need valuable critique as well... some of the more thought out ones I've gotten have helped to propel me forward and it doesn't just consist of saying "your shading sucks" but rather saying why it isn't working and what one can do to improve it moving forward or even technical tips go a long way. Perhaps that I should finish works or think less of portraits and at least vaguely try to incorporate more into a piece... whatever it might be.

Simple fact is... if you would have done a concept this way or that, you should probably put your money where your mouth is and go do it and stop yapping about it because the artist needs to be themselves in their work, it's the entire point of picking up a brush, pen or camera. Helping them to be a better them... now that's something you might be able to do.


on Japan.

as some know I lived in Japan for four years growing up (i always like to say I spent my 'youth in Asia'…. My parents had a non-traditional "traditional" Japanese wedding and very much kept Eastern culture alive in our house when we were growing up and I've always had a deep love for it because of such. What's happening there is horrific and really tugs greatly at my heart strings.

I've done the donating portion to Red Cross from a comfort standpoint of an individual... I think if you have sway you should encourage your company to reach out as they can typically allocate more resources than you could garner. I work at a fantastic place that in general helps out above and beyond what I've seen at most without being urged to. they just are generally good souls and feel they have the responsibility to help.

I do think it's too soon and too fresh (these people are living it right now - way too soon WAY) to really talk about the way some have... to do art about, to capitalize on in any way really... in fact even writing about it feels somewhat difficult and "wrong" for me... but I think if even one person reading it is in a position to urge their company to help out (who hasn't already) it's more worthwhile than getting 100 people to donate what they have in their pockets.

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Welcome to your Last full year...

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 5, 2011, 9:26 AM
if the Mayan peeps are to be believed.

regardless, hope everyone paints loads (if it's yer thing), laughs much, and rekindles that tickle between their thighs.

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spit on the candles

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 13, 2010, 8:41 PM
to those who left me birthday wishes... many many wet thank ya kisses.

I spent the day studying windows server 2008 so like an old chicky-poo no parties for Jen...

sporadic painting at best for me... am working on a "Tangled" inspired quasi-realism Rapunzel piece whose progress will be found here (will be sure to update sporadic-like):

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Ink Bride - Blog

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 16, 2010, 7:42 AM

two years in the making...
no seriously. I'll start it soon.

*scrunches nose*
don't hit me!

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i sux, i do

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 14, 2010, 3:56 AM
I'm checking the primary e-mail I've used for art for the first time in over a year... i realize now one of the huge reasons i couldn't make it as an artist for hire.

In that time I've missed magazine entry requests, potential job offers, freebee requests, commission requests, print requests, long-lost friends reaching out to me & lust/hate mail.

i've not worked on my website in years - pretty much let it putrefy.

i've unfinished project after unfinished project... and now it's a great mountain of unabsoluted shite.

not really sure what pill I could pop to be better but i acknowledge my sucktitude and apologize if i've come across as a persnickety bitch to anyone for lack of communication... i'm just... lazy... too lazy to read e-mail even

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llama staff

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 22, 2010, 7:04 PM
Why is it so hard for you to crush roaches with yer itty bitty cloven hooves? Is it because they escape thru the crack of yer camel toe, or you're really just that inept? Inquiring minds wanna know.

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the elephant rifle

Journal Entry: Thu May 6, 2010, 1:43 AM
I realize I have a puissant prejudice against Republicans post-Obama election.

After giving them a good run, my vote is to jettison the party from the earth & cut our losses. I realize about half (well it's an artist's website, perhaps 35%??) of you masturbate to the rhetoric of this party, but i really make no apology for my distaste for your kind.

The only form of recycling Republicans know of is use of another republican's thoughts which they regurgitate with fervorish frequency.

I'm pretty sure there's a newsletter that goes out to the vast majority of them that bullets all thoughts that are permitted to escape their gaping lips & they follow it eagerly.

It's not that I'm so put off by their myopic self-serving ways (hey we all need to be to a degree, no?); conversation with them on any topic just time and again proves to be [for lack of a better sentiment] painfully dull and robotic.

anytime it seems like there is a glimmering chance one might embrace something that falls outside of their bullet-point beliefs of bigotry, the mothership (FOX news) beams down the mantra of hate and greed and they're yet again the husk without an ounce of soul or one thing worthwhile of being an audible mention.

For creatures that spout out about how in tune they are with their God's message of love and forgiveness at every convenient turn; they spend a lot of time on messages of hate and intolerance. I say avoid these creatures at all cost... do not engage in conversation as you'll be left with the clear realization that all men were not created equal...

And whatever you do, don't feed 'em after midnight.

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ContestX - And then there was one

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 25, 2010, 6:32 AM
And the winner is...


Ze Judges

:iconfaerywitch::icondecopinkdingo::iconandyfairhurst::iconxouba: & Dan from outside the DA realm

Stephanie Takes home ze ca$h with her delightful piece, "The Queen of Spades Sends Her Regards"

I REALLY regret not buying the original before it was sold so swiftly as I'm starting to really love having additions to my collection of pieces created for me contests. Anyhewt, that aside, I dig the fact she put in her progress shots & it's definitely an impressive traditional piece, and while she kind of roughly says it was inspired by the contest, I would like to take a minute to say -- oh yeah, if there was no contest it wouldn't exist, yo! Wait... to much of an auto-ego stroke?

ahhh well... The breakdown of points is as follows (for the top 5 contestants):

44 Points :iconpuimun:Queen of Spades Sends Regards by puimun
39 Points :icongeeiaabidge:The Queen's Red Balloons by geeiaabidge
38 Points :iconminix:Through The Looking-Glass by minix
38 Points :iconapofiss:queda uno rojo by Apofiss
36 Points :iconjessicamdouglas:Who are you by JessicaMDouglas

You guys all did a fantastic job & I really do appreciate your taking a drop of inspirational ink and doing something cool with it.

BTW, The voting was very tight until the last vote was cast - I had no idea who would win & it was defined by the final judge who got me his picks last night throwing :iconpuimun: ahead of :iconminix: who was in the lead until that point (and happened to be my own personal favourite to win).

until next time

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ContestX Numero Cuatro - ENDED- $400 -

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 11, 2010, 6:07 AM


Two choices this time - "99 Red Balloons" or "Through the Looking Glass"

either are open for interpretation although [no lie], I am hoping the through the looking glass interpretations will be Wonderland driven & hey, you're always welcome to merge the two in coital bliss if the offspring is visually appealing.

Through the Looking Glass by lokijkiAbove It All by cannibalgnomeThe Queen's Red Balloons by geeiaabidgeThe One who Got Away by Feileacan1013Who are you by JessicaMDouglasTorn Apart by lokijkiqueda uno rojo by Apofiss:thumb156537068:Your Move by LeccathuFurvicael:thumb156674057::thumb156350239:Not So Down to Earth by Electrical-ShockAdrift through Wonderland by TalkrisQueen of Spades Sends Regards by puimunGod's Shoe by XPen-PenXReturn by XPen-PenXUnpopped by XPen-PenXAlice and the Future by meMillybeginning of a journey by malisaaWonderland Fight Club by WendyLynnThrough a red balloon by LotusFleurAfternoon Daydreaming by DesibuIn the balloonground by Dragonfly22Anywhere but Here by RomanticFaeThrough The Looking-Glass by minixhow curious... by Alveeusright where it belongs by carol-colorsWhat Alice Found There by HallucinogeniusSuch a Wretched Height... by MisticUnicornA Very Merry Unbirthday.... by ArdenEllenNixonThrough the Looking Glass by ArtbyMaryCbleed paint by StainedGlassMasque





4 weeks ends March 15th @ 11:59 pm in Pago Pago… which will give all time to submit on time



▪ Once again this is an all or nothing type deal. If you're not the grand prize winner, the only thing you take from it is the satisfaction of having a new addition to your gallery.

▪ Must be "99 Red Balloons" or "Through the Looking Glass" themed

▪ No limit to the number of entries you may submit... but quality is often more rewarding than quantity

▪ Once again Can be any [visual] medium be it Photography, graphite, digital, sculpted bubblegum; you name it. I think that written works are great, but sometimes it's hard to compare them to visual pieces; so while I am not saying you can't enter prose, I'm strongly discouraging it.

▪ Be creative: creativity and concept sometimes goes a lot further than skill, though sometimes intense skill alone is inspirational enough for the win. The winner will probably have a bit of both though.

▪ Must say whose contest it's for in the description & have been done after the start of this contest, not prior to.

▪ You can only be paid via Paypal so you have to have a Paypal account. No exceptions. If you're not able to get one your prize money will go to someone else, I'm sorry.

▪ As always, if the turnout isn't good (I get a single stick-figure drawing and that person would win by default), I maintain my right to extend the contest/up the prize to be more appetizing for those who might produce eyegasms & give them proper time to do so.

▪ ***VERY IMPORTANT*** Don't forget to put a link to your final in this journal entry as a comment as I don't do well with reading minds thru the web.


4 volunteers who'll be given the 10 best pieces from my vantage and they'll use a point system leaving artist with most overall points the winner. If you’re interested in being a judge because you're not going to enter but feel you have insanely awesome taste in art & loads of freetime around the end of the contest, please note me.


Previous ContestX Winners:

For "The Tortoise and the Hare" ContestX, the grand prize win went to
:iconwindfalcon:Tortoise and the Hare - Mask by windfalcon

For "Best Friends" ContestX, the grand prize winner was
:iconjuliedillon:I Shall Face Damnation for You by juliedillon

Who went on to share her winnings with the following other peeps for their work:

:iconc-d: (who no longer has it in their gallery)

:iconryudan:What's happening Jimmy by RyuDan

:iconkristinagehrmann:Don't Jump by KristinaGehrmann


For "Fairy Tale" ContestX, the grand monies winner was


see you in four weeks!!!

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Happy Vday and the winner is....

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 14, 2010, 7:03 AM
:iconwindfalcon:Tortoise and the Hare - Mask by windfalcon

This chickie carved some leather goodness for the contest.

I really dug this piece enough to want to own it in my private stash of masques, so i figured that alone should be enough to clue me in on who my personal favourite was.

You guys done great and should be drooling out mad lust juices for yourselves. Hopefully not walking away with the cash doesn't take away from the fact you have a cool new addition to your gallery and I'll hold another contest again in a week or so. I'm working on my own stuff right now and want to focus there.

happy val day and whatnot! gorge yourselves on the chocolate dripperies.

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Contest Quicky Artist stimulus package - ENDED

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 14, 2010, 3:46 AM
Contest has definitely ended (there was a winter storm and I was so busy playing in the snow I forgot to come close this down).

Thanks all those who participated, thought it was a quickie I thought there were a few fun concepts that came from it. Really makes me love doing these.

I think I already know my top few favs and now it's just a matter of figuring out the winner. Doing a poll is tempting because then any guilt for not picking someone diminishes and I can be like "well the people picked this one!"

We'll see. Either way, I'll go ahead and announce the person later on today and that person can note me their paypal info.

If I missed your entry below, please kick me in the head as swiftly as possible.

My top Five:

:iconwindfalcon:Tortoise and the Hare - Mask by windfalcon
:iconhallucinogenius:Heckler and Koch Wins the Race by Hallucinogenius


Tortoise & the Hare




2 weeks (I wanted to do a single week but I know people have other projects going on)


▪ Must be “Tortoise and the Hare” themed
▪ Can be any medium – Photography, graphite, digital, sculpted bubblegum… you name it
▪ Be creative – creativity and concept sometimes goes a lot further than skill (but not always)
▪ Must have been made for this contest starting 2010-01-29 & ending no later than 2010-02-12 (contestants own time-zone per their DA page)
▪ Must say whose contest it’s for in the description. I know there are some bad ass t&h paintings out there but has to be new, sorry.
▪ You can only be paid via Paypal so you have to have a Paypal account. No exceptions. If you’re not able to get one your prize money will go to someone else, I’m sorry.
▪ As always, if the turnout isn’t good (I get a single stick-figure drawing and that person would win by default), I maintain my right to extend the contest/up the prize to be more appetizing for those who might produce eyegasms & give them proper time to do so.

****don't forget to put a link to your final in this journal entry... otherwise I'm not going to see it***********

It be me and me alone this time

I really hope I covered all questions one might have.


Hares (they were quick, yo):

:thumb152414981:Slow and Steady... by cannibalgnome

I will end this on Friday, so if these are the only few entries at that point one of them will get the monies. I would like to point out that $200 is hard as hell to make in print sales here on DA, so it isn't too shabby a prize.

Tortoises (slow and steady or last minute hares ;)):

:thumb153473533:The Tortoise and the Hare by gromyko:thumb153620733: A RaceGO!
One, two!
One, two!
One, two!
Keep it up!
Don't slow down!
Don't get distracted.
Just make it to that tree.
Just make it past that rock.
Just make it… around that bend.
Just… make it… to that shady spot…
Just a quick rest.
O…h, the race has started.
N…ow I have to focus.
E…very second counts.
T…ake time to breathe. did that rabbit go?
O…h well, musn't get distracted.
O…ne more mile to go.
N…ever look back.
E…verything is going fine
T…HERE'S the rabbit.
W…eird, he's sleeping.
O…n to the finish line.
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the year's almost spent and the only thing that seems to keep me from work and allow me a romp thru the old da playground is a small case of the sniffles.

I've added a few pieces to my portfolio just haven't done much by way of updating the gallery here and i don't know if I'll get around to it today as i'm bent on resting up in bed and that computer is alllll the way across the room.

it's funny... i can't tell if this place changed or if I did; maybe such sites only have appeal if you have time to pour into involving yourself with the dramas that are woven within them.

Perhaps once you've removed yourself from it then it simply becomes a commercialized site that allows you to show your works and turn a profit from prints. Or maybe it just really has become such with that very plasticy feel and the "buy this shirt now" billboards floating gently down the oily streams.

just seems so hallow.

yeah, probably just me. hope all are well and had a delightfully better Halloween than I.
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Check yer pulse. Nigh non-existent?

Tale of the shell I became caught in some dream where sun didn't kiss my skin often enough to leave the markings to show my age. No wrinkles yet to indicate I've existed as long as I have though freckles still reminding me that in my youth I lived a great deal; the sun warming my deepest corners then. Long it's been since those days, yet lulls are made to be broken.

Pop my thought bubble with a slingshot leagues out of my reach. No sound breaks the silence aside from the clicking against the keyboard like pecking beaks against bone.

And yet I do exist, and you. The rain breaks against us... for us; yielding to our form in the misty-spring mornings in the moss-covered mountains.

Now with much to put on canvas, to the point it's spilling over as I walk, leaving a muddy trail behind me; like oil swirling against water and then sitting there forgotten. There really just isn't enough time to enjoy everything the big wide has to offer & I must gorge now. Always with the extremes.

And the artist becomes frail and sits in a corner, playing with the occasional spider or centipede that comes along... paling, cheeks sunken in, adorned with tattered clothes and limp patchy hair. The cobwebs strung across her eyes like gray cotton lashes. There she'll sit until I open the window and hand her the stylus. She maybe cream-white and at the brink before then.

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