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Planning to up my A game this year (that's right, Art) like I plan every year lol but this time with more confidence than I had previously (having nothing to do with art).

I submitted two sketches this week on both deviantart and Instagram virtually at same time.

On deviantart I have a pool of a little under 13k followers who could potentially see my work and on Instagram I have about 40 (strong!!!).

So it surprised me that I was seeing more "likeorship" on Instagram because based on math alone surely DA would be the place I would be most likely to share with the most people. It could be the work, they are sketches but it also could be the layout/way deviantart touches art to viewers.

Was curious what your experiences have been here lately and if there are in your experience better places for me to make my comeback.

Has DA lost it's relevance? Do I just need to up my game by a lot and if it's just my game why is Instagram different? Have you found more success on other sites? Should I just work on product and not worry about where it's showcased because if the art is good it'll speak for itself? 
I don't even know where to begin.

I dropped off the face of the planet years ago mentally as we people sometimes do when apathy takes us to despair. i had been wiggling around to find my happy place for fuck knows how long.

Went thru an eating disorder or few. found feminism... like really found it and it's fucking great. Experienced a lot of loss & some degree of guilt when i rose out of the ashes.

I have finally arrived... at 36 years, I've found inner peace and self love and I'm not even on my deathbed. it's beautiful.

I can't describe it because unless you have it, there's no real relating to the euphoric calm, but a lot of the static and fear that for so long drove me has subsided and I have a confidence I've just never experienced.

I owe a large part of it to all the people around me who've taken me from being an anti social penguin to actually craving being around people. An introvert to dare i say an extrovert? perhaps.

I've picked back up a brush and it feels so god damn phenomenal because unlike before where there was a tenseness wielding it there's just a relaxed enjoyment to it and what comes of it comes.

much love, peeps.